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Released July 11, 2006

by Hybrid Recordings


Produced by Rod Sherwood, Stephan Crump & Jen Chapin

Jen Chapin: songs & voices; flute
Dan Rieser: drums & percussion; drum programming (PP)
Stephan Crump: electric & acoustic basses, string arrangements, percussion (MBM, MC, TIGT, #s, HUS, PP, ICF), keyboards (MC, #s), glockenspiel (GAL, MC, PP), balaphon, berimbau, mbira, (MBM) drum programming (PP)
Peter Rende: Rhodes, piano, Wurlitzer, pedal steel guitar, electric tambura
Jamie Fox: electric & acoustic guitars
Chris Cheek: tenor & soprano saxophones, flute arrangement (RL)


Ann Kim: cello
Todd Reynolds: violin
Rod Sherwood: 12 & /or 6 string acoustic guitars (City, ICF), Portuguese guitar (Gold), claps & snaps (MBM, TIGT, ICF), drum programming (ICF)
Martha Redbone: harmony vocals (PP)
Alan “AB” Burroughs: harmony vocals (PP)
Robin Macatangay:  acoustic guitars (PP, ICF)
Tony Mason: hi-hat (RL)


Recorded in Brooklyn, NYC
Basic tracks recorded at Good and Evil by Danny Blum, Chris Kelly & Rod Sherwood;
Piano recorded at Brooklyn Broadcast and Audio by Joel Hamburger;
The rest recorded at The Butler Plaza by Rod Sherwood & Stephan Crump.

Mixed at The Butler Plaza by Rod Sherwood & Stephan Crump.
Mastered at Masterdisk, NYC by Leon Zervos

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